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How to pick goods

China Cube contains almost the most popular magic cubes. If you didn't find the cubes you want, you can write out onto the guestbook. We will find the cubes for you.

The cubes on China Cube are sorted by cube brand, category, layer, price.

You can browse cubes by brand, on magic cube brands page: http://www.china-cube.com/brands.asp

You can browse cubes by category, on magic cube categories page: http://www.china-cube.com/categories.asp

And on the left block of the almost pages, you can see magic cube layers list, price range list. You can click in and view the cubes sorted by layer and price range.

And the page http://www.china-cube.com/magiccubes.asp is the magic cube dedicated channel.

Any other questions, you can contact us, or write them on guestbook.

Welcome to Magic Cube Marketplace (China Cube) !

Cheap Price and Good Quality
China-Cube.com offers magic cube cheap price. In order to make more people can get the cubes, we bring the price down to a minimum, but without reducing the cube quality.
Wholesale and Retail
We provide magic cube wholesale and retail. Our goods was exquisite, you can just buy a single cube; and our sources are adequate, you can wholesale from here.
Free Shipping
In order to reduce the burden on customers, we provide free shipping service for you. No matter what corner of the world you were, as long as the courier can reach them.
Sincere Service
We provide customer service with the warmest heart and the best attitude. If you have any questions in registration, purchases, payments, we are enthusiastic to answer your questions.
Do It by Heart
We are serious about everything and every detail here. We feel happy when every website visitor comes. We look forward to each visitor to communicate with us,if you have any questions you can come up,to buy or not doesn't matter.
We personally check each goods, and personally packed and shipped.
We originally designed this magic cube online store. Welcome comments on our website.