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About Us

China-Cube.com is a magic cube online store. We sell original products, we are not the trading company. I am also very interested in magic cube. I worked in a magic cube factory few years ago, and i was responsible for the cube production. Now, i run a magic cube shop professional sales cube in a big mall located at a crowded downtown area of guangzhou city in China. We work closely with the cube manufacturers, and maintain a good relationship. Our magic cubes are taked from the manufacturers directly, so our products are the most original and cheap. We provide goods sources for many trading companies and wholesalers.

At first, we didn't sensed internet, we didn't have website, nor even the cube manufacturers. But many overseas friends like magic cubes very much. So we original design and develop the magic cube online store. I hope it will shorten the distance between us, and build a bridge between us.

We seek and collect the best magic cubes for customers. We sell many kinds of cubes, include MF8, DaYan, WitEden, V-Cube, Type C, etc. Welcome wholesale and retail.

1:The founder and the current board member of WCA, Mr. Ron van Bruchem from Netherlands with me(xubin wang)

2.Roxannewong(Katsmom)in my shop .

Welcome to Magic Cube Marketplace (China Cube) !

Cheap Price and Good Quality
China-Cube.com offers magic cube cheap price. In order to make more people can get the cubes, we bring the price down to a minimum, but without reducing the cube quality.
Wholesale and Retail
We provide magic cube wholesale and retail. Our goods was exquisite, you can just buy a single cube; and our sources are adequate, you can wholesale from here.
Free Shipping
In order to reduce the burden on customers, we provide free shipping service for you. No matter what corner of the world you were, as long as the courier can reach them.
Sincere Service
We provide customer service with the warmest heart and the best attitude. If you have any questions in registration, purchases, payments, we are enthusiastic to answer your questions.
Do It by Heart
We are serious about everything and every detail here. We feel happy when every website visitor comes. We look forward to each visitor to communicate with us,if you have any questions you can come up,to buy or not doesn't matter.
We personally check each goods, and personally packed and shipped.
We originally designed this magic cube online store. Welcome comments on our website.