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  • Silke KramerFrom: GermanyTime: 2023/02/28 01:31:46

    I placed an order with you on 12/17/2022. My order never arrived!

    I ask for a full refund of the value of the goods.

    Transferred the amount of USD 258.21 via paypal on December 17, 2022 (transaction code: 7TF46511RE7748122)

    Please check again.
    If no money is transferred back within the next 10 days, I will contact paypal.

    Thank you in advance and good luck from you.

    best regards
  • GuldenFrom: ItalyTime: 2023/01/26 15:56:20
    Good morning,
    are you still in business? I tried to contact you at the addresses indicated in the contacts without any results
  • Silke1979From: GermanyTime: 2023/01/19 00:26:12
    Hello China Club,

    I need to get in touch with you again. My order from 12/2022 has the status expired. I paid my barking perpal on December 17th, 2022 or accidentally again on December 18th, 2022. Since I have never paid manually via paypal!

    I ask for verification, once you refunded me the value of the goods.
    I am assuming they will no longer ship the order.

    You can contract me personally by mail because of the transaction code

    I thank you in advance.

    best regards
  • Silke1979From: GermanyTime: 2023/01/12 05:35:13
    Hello China Cube team,

    I placed an order on 12/2022. Paid immediately via paypal. Until now the order is still waiting for payment!

    I ask you to contact me by mail to solve the problem.

    I thank you in advance.

    best regards
  • IanHFrom: United StatesTime: 2021/10/09 05:23:40
    Hi! Do you still have an mf8 Eitan's star in stock?
  • LikwyajFrom: CroatiaTime: 2020/07/25 09:44:42
    Hello, are you still selling Neon and Algol from VeryPuzzle and Pentagram from MF8?

    Please answer this inquiry so I can decide if making a order.


    Administrator Reply (2020/08/31 09:46:29)
    VeryPuzzle NO goodS
  • wonmooleeFrom: AustraliaTime: 2020/07/03 17:29:11
    hi , I've just wonder about this website. it dosen;t looks like response any inquiry.
    are you still running a business?
    Administrator Reply (2020/08/31 09:45:31)
    yes, still running. welcome.
  • CiprianStefanFrom: RomaniaTime: 2020/04/09 18:07:13

    Sent my order many days ago, payed right away (Paypal) and still in "waiting payment" status.
    Order number: 2020040620109

    Also, sent mails on your official addresses (payment receipt and kind question about payment confirmation) and nothing in return.
    Please, answer. At least to know if I need to open a PayPal dispute.
  • TxoucasFrom: SpainTime: 2020/04/03 15:33:27
    Good morning
    I had paid my order 6 hours ago, but still appear like "awaiting payment".
    Can you solve it, please?
  • gatodebronceFrom: PeruTime: 2019/12/04 15:53:52
    Hola CHINA CUBE quisiera saber porque en mi pagina de pedido mi compra con numero de orden 2019112578751 dice:
    estado: esperando recibo
    si yo ya pague el 25 del 11 del 2019 según consta en su pagina y en mi Paypal como es posible que aun no se me haya enviado mi paquete si en ese día yo compre en otras paginas y mis pedidos ya están en camino,espero me expliquen la situación de mi orden y todo esto sea un malentendido creo que son una empresa seria y quisiera llevarme una buena imagen de ustedes por ser mi primera compra en su pagina y así también poder recomendarlos en mi circulo de amistades que tenemos en común por este hermoso hobby .Espero atentamente su respuesta.
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